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What’s in a Type 1 Diabetic’s bag ?

Well, a diabetic’s life shouldn’t be a mystery. The more we share about it, the more people will know about the efforts that go into our everyday routine. The more we share about our life, the more we get to know from fellow diabetics how we can make it better.

So here I am, sharing about all the everyday stuff that goes into my bag to help me cope up with my day to day. You’ll always find me carrying a bag, everywhere I go, no matter what. And I can bet, every diabetic does that, without fail. The reason being that a diabetic survives because of what’s in the bag. No kidding.

So let’s start with the list:

1. Humalog Lispro by Lilly, the short acting insulin I require thrice everyday.

2. Lantus Solostar by Sanofi, the long acting insulin which I need once during bedtime.

3. Pen needles by BD. I always keep extras because they are not supposed to be used more than once.

4. Glucometer by Accu-chek which includes the machine, strips, pen and pen needles.

5. Alcohol Swabs by BD. I love these little handy swabs which keep my shots clean.

6. An ID stating I am a Type 1 Diabetic with all the necessary contact numbers. This has been in my bag ever since I have been diagnosed. I keep updating/replacing it. I believe in the saying ‘prevention is better than a cure.’ I feel it’s always safe to keep one for the emergencies and not leave people into guessing as to what’s actually happening! Saves a lot of time.

7. Phone and my favorite pen.

8. Glucose box. I keep powdered glucose because it always makes me feel better than juices and soft drinks. It also shoots up the sugar instantly during extreme hypos.

9. A small glass and spoon. (Mom’s find). Obviously to mix the glucose.

10. Sugar & Gluten Free Mixed Fruit Travel Sweets by Simpkins. It takes care of the sweet cravings without shooting up my sugars.

11. Chocolate to treat my hypos again.

12. Marie biscuits for my little snacks between meals. A diabetic should eat something every 2-3 hours.

What is in a type1 diabetic's bag?
What’s in a type 1 diabetic’s bag?

So that’s my list. I’m sure there are many other things that can be added and the list can vary from one diabetic to another. But I’d love to hear what all things you carry so that I can work on my own list too!

Diabetes is not a disease, it’s a lifestyle that’s been given to me without my permission. I am supposed to live it till there’s a cure and I’ll live it the best way I can.

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