Funsulin diabetes slider 2

Diabetes cannot stop me

I’ll stand strong

When fluctuations make things go wrong

When my hypos make me weak

Or the hypers are on the peak

When the shots are tough to endure

And it’s difficult to act like a mature

When the finger pricks just don’t stop

And my energy begins to drop

When my sugar levels dictate my food

And  the freedom to eat is subdued

When counting calories is part of the day

Keeping carbs out of my way

I know the struggle is lifelong


I’ll stand strong.

Diabetes cannot stop me
Diabetes cannot stop me

I wrote this poem when I was in school. But the images supporting it are very recent. I had been collecting my insulin cartridges since a few years with a wish to make something creative out of them someday. Eli Lilly’s Lispro has been my friend since about 12 years now. I’ve made this creation as a symbol of every diabetic’s strength and endurance. Diabetes cannot stop us! 🙂

For type 1s, diabetes is a bumpy ride, full of ups and downs, highs and lows. The struggle is a routine and may go unnoticed by a lot of people. But initially, it takes a lot of time and effort to make room for the routines and the regular pricks. Gradually, the struggle becomes like a pattern embedded into the daily drill. It’s not easy. My mom says that every T1 is a T1 because they have the strength to deal with it. I believe it’s true.

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