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Diabetic’s Right to work

I got inspiration to write about this post from recently trending news about a lady being denied employment. Can you guess the reason why? Well, just because she’s a diabetic.

Firstly, the news states that the Railway Administration declared the female candidate medically unfit for the position even after she was among the approx. 3000 selected. Diabetes solely can’t be the reason for denial of employment, unless there is visible proof of complications (relating to heart, eye, kidney etc.) which might lead someone to not do the job as required. As per the article, the lady had no signs of complications and the Railway denied job only on the grounds that her condition was ‘likely’ to give rise to problems.

This event dates back to the year 2007. So it took 8 long years for the lady to finally get this job she applied for. And since she waited for so long, I suppose that the need for the job must have been crucial. I wonder, how she would have managed things for these 8 long years? Was she patiently waiting for the case which was left in the hands of the court? Did she have the resources to buy her own medicines in that duration? She couldn’t earn from the job she had been selected for, rather she had to pay for the expenses the case demanded. Was she able to find a job somewhere else? Or was simply denied the job opportunities on the grounds that a government organisation itself deemed her unfit?

Not only was her case continuously left pending, but she could only find justice at the High Court after having tried unsuccessfully at the lower courts. The lack of compassion and sensitivity in such souls who can so confidently stand with the wrong and take away the very right to work from a diabetic is upsetting.

The tribunal and the High Court bench have managed to keep my confidence alive in the judicial system of India and that such negative perception about a diabetic’s capabilities would one day be a thing of the past.

For those of you who don’t know, India is on the verge of becoming the World Diabetes Capital with about 66.84 million diabetics already. The gravity of this situation cannot be ignored as the number is only increasing. It accounts for 3% population of the country. 3% might look like a small figure, but let’s not forget, India already has the second highest population figure in the world.

4 thoughts on “Diabetic’s Right to work

  1. I have denied to work 9/10 of the times when I apply and when I do get an interview I hate to tell them about my diabetes and they go “well thank you! We’ll give you call” and nothing. I’m twenty years old and only had to privilege to work as a chashier for a month, and they let me go after I was in the hospital for 4 days. When I called the night I was told I had to stay over night my boss was really annoyed that I was sick, her response was “yeah I’m sick too, but I still have to work”


    1. It’s very upsetting to hear this. There are a very few people who actually understand the struggle a person with diabetes might have to face at times. People these days lack empathy. Thank you for commenting and enlightening us about the situation. I hope our voice reaches everyone through this. May I know, where are you from, Tianalemus?


  2. I hope the efforts by the diabetic community helps raise awareness in every part of the world and a day comes when everyone has an equal right to work. Keep in touch tianalemus 🙂


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