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Dad’s letter to my teacher for my first ‘diabetic’ day of school

Funsulin_Dad's letter for my first diabetic day of school

When you are told that your child has diabetes, and will live on 4 injections daily for her entire life, because there’s no cure to it, the feeling of helplessness is at its peak. The feeling of not being able to do anything to change it frustrates you even more. You would have tried everything possible to save the pain, but then you realise that the medicines are unavoidable. That feeling was in my parents just like any other parent of a diabetic kid on the day of diagnosis.

This reminds me of a page Diabetic Support on facebook. Some posts on the page potray very similar feelings of a lot of parents and it’s completely relatable. This page basically has questions from every kind of diabetic about any kind of problem. I read them often and comment wherever I feel I can give a good advice. The online diabetic community is gradually growing and it’s great to share things and help each other in our very similar journeys! It’s an awesome way to make things better for us and for others as well.

This image that you see above is a letter by my dad to my class teacher on the first day of school after I came back from the hospital. I was in class 6th then and was joining school after a month of hospitalisation and lifestyle adjustment. My mom had kept the letter safe and I am glad she did, because I could share it here.

Reading the letter again and again, I can actually feel the concern in every sentence. But the faith that dad showed in me (by sending me on my own the very first day with a letter) only made me more confident about being able to manage things myself. It’s a small thing but definitely a step that made me more self-dependent. Sometimes even little things can make a huge difference. When I was back from school, he asked me every thing about the day. He did meet my teacher the next day.

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