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My friend writes on diabetes: “Life on diet by default”

This is about a friend with Type 1 diabetes. Her happy-go-lucky demeanour hides that fact entirely. Witnessing a complete day in her life, one can observe the minute details that she has to take care about. One bite of cake on a friend’s birthday, one lick of ice cream for the taste, measured morsels of junk food during a party and periodic intakes of carefully consumed calories. Life is “on a diet” by default.

But the way she takes it in her stride makes it all seem effortless. Also, on the up side, she always has a bag full of yummy nick nacks. Even if you’re stuck in the classroom during a drab lecture, you know where to go to satisfy your hunger pangs. I often joke that ironically, she’s probably consumed more chocolate than me in her whole life, courtesy the low sugar alarms.

I have had a glimpse of the difficulties in a type 1’s daily routine but they’re definitely tameable, with the right spirit and caution. With increasing sugar-free options in the food industry and fitness oriented tech advances, the world is hopefullly getting better for you strong willed guys. So, keep a check and have fun!


This is a post by a very dear friend I’ve known since 6 years. She has always done more than enough to take care of my type 1 diabetes! Love.

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