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My insulin regime

Hey friends! I’m posting just a simple description about my daily insulin regime. This post might be useful for newly diagnosed diabetics and their loved ones to get to know about it from someone who has been using it since 12 years now. This is an attempt at making you feel comfortable with it and have everything you need to properly administer insulin shots (that is if you’re on the same medicine).

Humalog Lispro – This is the ‘fast-acting’ or ‘rapid-acting’ insulin which means it starts working immediately after being taken. It is also referred to as the ‘short-acting’ insulin because the medicine lasts upto 3-4 hours only within the body. I take it 3 times a day before each of my meals so as to cover up for the calorie intake! Lispro requires that you take your meal immediately after taking it in order to avoid going into hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

I usually don’t forget taking my insulin, but sometimes it happens that it slips from my mind!

  • If I remember just after my meal, I take the full dose.
  • If I remember it after 1-2 hours after my meal, I take about 75%
  • If I remember it after 2-3 hours after my meal, I take about 50%
  • If I remember it after 3-4 hours after my meal, it’s already time for the next shot and I add 2 extra units to my regular dose in order to cover up for the hyperglycemia (sugar high)

When I have a hypoglycemia (low sugar) at the time I need to take my insulin, I first treat my hypo and wait half hour before my shot and meal. Missing a shot because of a hypo usually increases my blood sugars so I avoid it.

Extra things (apart from patience ;)) I need to administer the injections: HumaPen Ergo II, BD Needles, cotton, spirit, insulin cartridge. [Cartridges are like refills which contain 300 units of insulin and last for approx. 10 days for me]

Lantus Solostar – This is the ‘long-acting’ insulin which means it works for a longer time i.e. 24 hours. I take it once in a day and it fills in those gaps when my short-acting insulin stops working. It also works during the night so that my sugars are controlled to the right levels early morning. I take this insulin at bedtime and usually keep a gap of 2 hours between this and Humalog. I also drink a glass of milk (even when I don’t want to :P) after taking this shot so as to avoid any hypoglycemias in the night.

Whenever I have forgotten taking this insulin, my sugars the next day have remained elevated. I can’t disturb the 24 hour cycle so I usually just skip it completely and not alter the dose at all. I take my regular dose the next day and my sugars gradually adjust again.

Extra things I need to administer this injection: BD Needles, cotton, spirit. [This is a prefilled pen and works like a use and throw. It lasts for about 25 days]

Extra care I take:

  • Hand washing (I do it every time I take a shot. In case it’s not possible, I use a hand sanitizer.)
  • I use the injection needle only once now and will continue doing so (Earlier I used to keep 1 for the day that means letting one last 3-4 shots. But I have realized, the needle actually bends and hurts)
  • While travelling, I always keep BD swabs which are handy and keep my shots disinfected.

Ha! There’s so much to keep in mind throughout the day na. I feel diabetes is an added job in my life but yes I’ve made enough space to let it fit in. I’m waiting to get an insulin pump sometime soon (God! Why is it like a luxury? 😉 ) Whenever I do, I’ll blog about the change it brings in my routine. I’ve read only praises about it since quite some time and I’m waiting to check how it works for me!

Enjoy the post. Love from Funsulin! 😀

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