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Diabetes Awareness Month 2015

Well, the diabetes awareness month is over now (is it?), and I thought why not just look back at it and curate everything I did to do my little bit. It was a month filled with lot of positive activity and so I thought, why not keep it on the blog for you to see, and for me as well; so that I can share the positive vibes with you and also do even better the coming year?


I blogged about my insulin regime which included little details about how I manage my daily shots. I really wish I could blog more. Also I’ve been working on a few videos which will soon be uploaded on the blog! Don’t worry, I won’t spam you! ūüėČ

I did a series of #diabetesawareness pictures on the Funsulin’s Facebook page¬†in order to make people aware about the facts.

I got featured on Creatyst, which really helped me a lot in reaching out to people in India about my work and spreading diabetes awareness on a much larger scale. It is a platform for giving voice and presence to what one loves to do and has surely supported me to spread the word.

I participated in T1International‘s #insulin4all social media campaign in order to help those diabetics who do not have access to diabetic supplies and medical care with the hope that their voice reaches the right places. The campaign is continuously running and adding more and more people. Do check the site and support the cause!


Why is diabetic awareness really needed?

Firstly, at times I get¬†remarks like ‘aap diabetic nahi lagte'(you don’t look diabetic) or ‘ye bacchon ko b hota hai?'(does it happen to kids also?) or ‘teri sugar zyada rehti hai ya kam?'(your sugar level remains high or low?) or ‘ye khaa le kuch nahi hoga'(eat this nothing will happen). This only shows that many people don’t know what it is or don’t have the complete information.

My way of dealing with any of these is only calmly explaining people. I never get annoyed (unless my sugar level is low :P) because that’s one way of spreading awareness and I wouldn’t let that chance go.

Sometimes I meet a few diabetics who don’t want to talk about it at all. Some who don’t mention it to anyone. But I believe that sharing¬†about it is only another way to spread awareness. The medium doesn’t matter. I do it through my blog and usually don’t¬†fill the conversations with my T1 stuff unless someone is genuinely interested.

There are many who have no clue about it. It’s not their mistake always obviously. Rather I’d like to believe¬†that so many people didn’t come across someone with diabetes that’s why they don’t know (only makes me feel that ‘Okay! It’s not that frequent!’) But yes knowing about it would only help. No knowledge gained is ever wasted. And then when you come across a diabetic having a hypoglycemic attack, you’d know what to do, right?

All I’ve done is very less I know; very less when compared to the gravity of the situation. There are about 35¬†crore¬†people affected by diabetes around the world.

So this is not the end. I’ll keep doing my best to spread the awareness. As it is said, many little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Would you¬†give me a hand?

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